All About Genevieve Berry

Wordle: Solutions4All

I started this blog as part of my digital journalism class. I chose to cover women’s issues because of my own personal experiences. I believed that the moniker, unfinished business, accurately highlighted the ongoing struggles women were and still are dealing with. For six months I passionately and unapologetically only wrote about issues impacting women.

But what I discovered after six months of writing and a few months of just observing was that we have a pretty good idea of what our “unfinished business” is. There are a lot of really gifted journalists and writers who have written about and are continuing to write about our “unfinished business”.

In spite of those efforts, “unfinished business” continues to thrive. In our world, nearly a billion people don’t have access to clean water, countless go to bed hungry every night and many die from completely curable and preventable illnesses. We have the resources and technology to solve these challenges but oftentimes we don’t chose solutions because we have become ensnared in circular arguments based on fear and prejudice.

Twenty years ago, as a single mom with four young children, I discovered that the only way to overcome fear and prejudice was to just go ahead and make my own solutions.

Keeping that attitude in mind, I’m going to focus on and write about those kind of solutions, the ones that move us past the circular arguments; I hope you’ll consider joining me on this adventure.

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